The Kids from C.A.P.E.R. Video

Rough cut samples from
Mummy's the Word - Clip #1
These first two clips were put together as sample clips for the series
to give the network and potential merchandisers an idea what the show was
going to look like so they would know in advance how to market it.  The
opening segment of this first clip (up until they say "She lost her mummy")
never aired.  Since the episode was restructured as a flashback, the
introduction was changed to an updated "When the Big Bologna was Blue"
intro instead.  Also the "secret message" was replaced with a much
shorter and more practical "secret word."


Mummy's the Word - Clip #2

Mummy's the Word - Clip #2 with restored audio
This last clip is the second clip above with the audio from an old
tape recording of the episode added on to show what the show would have
looked like when it actually aired, with sound effects and music added.
In the aired episode, the scene cuts away from the Kids and Klinsinger
after he approaches them saying it's the most exciting thing he's ever
seen and goes to a conversation between the bad guys, but since we have
no video footage of that segment we simply spliced the final "We've done
it again" song to the end.


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