We're constantly amazed when we think of the level of talent that was employed on The Kids from C.A.P.E.R., all the way from the on-screen talent to the wonderful people behind the music to the crew that worked on the set and made the show come alive.  There's little doubt that one of the most memorable things about the series was the Kids' costumes.  Unique and characteristic yet surprisingly stylish, we were curious about how these costumes came to be.  And we were very fortunate to be able to locate costume designer Joseph Roveto and ask him about his work on C.A.P.E.R.  He was very willing to share his memories of working on the show with us, which we will in turn share with you now:

"I was a film major at UCLA.  However, I can't remember having one costume design class.  I graduated in 1971.  Through someone I knew (how original!) at NBC I got an interview with the head of the costume department, who tried to convince me that I was over educated for such work.  I convinced her otherwise and got called the next day to work on a sitcom starring Dom DeLouise.  One job led to another immediately and I found myself working constantly at all the television studios: Sonny and Cher, Carol Burnett, other sitcoms, etc.  It was a great entry into the world of costume design.

"Someone recommended me to the producers of The Kids from Caper, a very low budget show.  With such a lack of formal design education, and having little design experience I'm not sure how I got the job; but it was a classic case of thinking outside of the box, as I didn't know what the box was.  Also, the show was so vaguely described to me, that I really let my imagination and creativity explode.  I do remember that the producers thought I walked on water.  They liked my ideas, my taste, and my energy.  It doesn't mean I was given carte blanche.  One thing about contemporary costume design: everyone has an opinion.  Not only the directors and producers, but also the actors, their assistants, secretaries, etc.  It can be a nightmare.  This somehow wasn't.

"I had the costumes made at a well respected workroom in Hollywood.  I would bring my general ideas and collaborate with the owner, Betty St.Clair, and somehow good ideas became better ones, and eventually interesting costumes.

"I just came across some photos of my work and, yes, I'm quite proud of my costumes.  They were well thought out, fun, ironic, and attractive to the actors and to an audience.  Actors always want to look good no matter what the part.  The fact that it was my first attempt at costume design, and that the producers assumed I knew exactly what I was doing, I do remember a lot to stress.  I also recall just how exhilarating the whole job was because of the nature of the show, in that it was fantasy, and really silly.  I loved that.

"After 25 years in the business, having worked with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Tom Cruise to Clint Eastwood I walked away and moved to Northern California.  I started a design business first doing client's personal wardrobes (just as I did for many celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis and Catherine Zeta-Jones).  I then moved into interior design, that for me is the same skill set.

"While I've done some beautiful work on homes, I still am more passionate about clothes.  My clients are now all over the world.  In fact I just finished doing the interior design of a house in Umbria, Italy.  I have clients in NY, L.A. and even Korea."

We really appreciate the time Joseph took out of his busy schedule to share his memories with us.  To learn more about this versatile designer and see some of his wonderful work, be sure to visit his website:

Joseph Roveto Design Website



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