Cosie Costa Photos


Caricaturist Sam Norkin's impression of "GREASE," the Broadway musical hit that brings
back the teen-age lifestyle of the late 1950's.  At left, with guitar, Jerry Barkhoff
as a rock star, is surrounded by rumblers Cosie Costa, aiming a zip gun; Vincent
Otero, wielding a chain; and Larry Horowitz, waving a truncheon.  High school madonna
Marcia McClain is in the foreground.  Above her, John Lansing as leader of the
"Burger Palace Boys," dances with swinger Karren Dille.  At the far right, in the
pajama-party scene, Denise Nettleton sings "Freddy, My Love," one of the show's most
notable song-hits (telling her guests how she writes letters to her absent Marine
sweetheart) with (facing her, L to R) Kathy Levin, Ruth Nerkin and Karren Dille.
(The article which ran in a Denver newspaper on May 30, 1974, reads as follows:
"Grease," the Broadway musical that helped start the 50's nostalgia binge, will return
to Denver for a week's engagement in the Auditorium Theatre July 9-16.  Sponsored
by Robert Garner Attractions and KLZ Radio, tickets will go on sale June 17.


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